How to remove your Strava commutes from your Sisu print design

25/02/2016, by Pete Roome

Did you know that Strava has a feature that enables you to mark your activity as a “commute”?

Once you’ve stopped recording your activity, entered a title, attached photos and added any additional comments, you should see the “Commute” tag button. Tapping this after your run/ride/walk/ski into work helps to organise your data on Strava. But it does something else too…

Marking your commutes with this button on the Strava app, allows you to better filter your activities on your Sisu print.

Include commutes?

Our new “Include commutes?” toggle on the design form for our Multiroute and Clocked prints will instantly show or hide your commutes from your print design.

I know a lot of you won’t have marked any of your activities as commutes historically. Thankfully it’s possible to do this retrospectively by editing your activities.

Once logged into Strava, visit: Training > Training Log and click on one of your activities. Click/tap on the pencil icon on the left hand side of the screen. This will open the edit screen for the activity. From here you should see the “Commute” button. Press this to mark your activity as a commute. Once saved on Strava, this will make the activity filterable via the “Include commutes?” toggle on Sisu.

Edit Strava activity

Hey presto, beautiful, commute free prints for your walls!