Give it a Tri! The new "Tri-ed" exercise print from Sisu.

14/04/2016, by Pete Roome

Tri-ed, our new print design, is now live. Whoop! 🎉

TL;DR: Each of your exercise activities is represented by a coloured triangle. The colour of the triangle is determind by the type of activity e.g run, ride, swim.

How does it work?

Here at Sisu we love a data visualisations, especially when they’re based on our own exercise data. Over the last couple of months we’ve been prototyping and designing to come up with our new product: Tri-ed.

Each of your activities (from Strava or Runkeeper) is represented by a triangle. Each triangle forms part of a box - 4 triangles to a box. Activities are ordered by the date that you did them.

Each type of activity, whether it’s a run, ride, swim or ski, is a different shade of your chosen colour: orange, green, blue or pink. But, it’s easy for things to start looking bad. Especially when shades are chosen programmatically by some code.

At Sisu, we’ve worked hard to make sure that your designs are as pleasing to the eye as possible. This means we’ve done a couple of things:

Marathon runner? Sprinter? Training for your first 5k?

If select only runs using the design tool; you’ll see a shade that is different to your chosen base colour. We’ve tried to create a pleasing contrast to illustrate the hard work you’ve put in!

Athlete: Pete Roome, Runs 2015

Runs during the week, rides at the weekend and swims during the Summer!

If you pick running, cycling and swimming for example it gets more interesting. The activities with the lowest frequency are given shades quite different to the base colour you’ve chosen. However, this time the activity type with the highest frequency is given the same shade as the base colour. To elaborate, say you’ve been running 50 times this year - already, but you’ve only completed 5 swims and been on 10 bike rides. Running activities will match the base colour of the print, whilst rides and swims would be coloured in a contrasting shade. Neat, eh!

The result is a minimal visualisation of our data. Splatterings of the lesser activities give clarity to just how much time we spend doing the things we love. Or, what we need to work harder on.

Athlete: Pete Roome, Runs, Rides & Swims 2015

I do it all: running, cycling, swimming and hiking!

If you select all of your available activity types the results look different again. Each activity type coloured a different shade of the base colour you’ve chosen. One of your activities will be the same colour as your base colour; it maintains the visual aesthetics we’ve been aiming for.

Athlete: Pete Roome, Runs, Rides, Swims & Walks 2015

The final results…

The result of your tried print will vary considerably from my own. Whether you use a different date range, select different activity types or another colour, it’s easy to create a print that is representative of your efforts, unique and beautiful too.